Monday, November 22, 2010

Preview of Things to Come...

As you can see, it's snowing outside my house right now. I adore snow. In moderation. And from the inside of a cozy home, preferably with a fire in the fireplace. I don't adore snow to drive in...luckily I went to the store this morning before it started - I can now cuddle up by the warm glow of my computer screen.

I thought it might be a good time to give our readers a sneak peek at what we'll be reviewing in'll have to check the regular Tuesday 'Upcoming Reviews' post for the actual dates, but here's our working list for next month:

Winter Wedding
A Winter Love Story
The Edge of Winter
The Fifth Day of Christmas
The Mistletoe Kiss
A Christmas Wish
Roses for Christmas
A Christmas Romance
A Christmas Proposal

That's right, it's all about Winter and Christmas. So, rifle through your bookshelves, crawl under your bed, look in your closet...wherever it is that you keep your collection. Dig out those holiday Neels and lets get cracking.

1 comment:

  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Oh my--you are hitting some of my highs (Winter Wedding, Mistletoe Kiss, Edge of Winter, Fifth Day of Christmas) and some of my lows (Roses for Christmas--looking at you!). Some of the titles are not registering in my memory--
    Sounds like we have a very good month ahead. Yay!!!!(Kermit arm wave here).