Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Betty in the Wild

Via email
Hello, Bettys,

Here are a couple of photos from my summer (!) vacation, visiting family in the (North Carolina) Blue Ridge Mountains. I produced the book and started taking pictures of it (with the mountains in the back), much to the astonishment of my children and parents. My husband commandeered the camera and got the book to stand up on a rock; a child volunteered to hold it for another shot. Needless to say, none of them are readers of La Neels. And no one really got why I wanted photos of a book, but they all waited patiently until I did have them, and then we continued our pleasant walk.

I'm looking forward to pictures of Betty in Hawaii!

Betty Maria

Aloha Betty Maria,
Love your pictures! It's a cold and wet evening here in the Pacific Northwest, so it's lovely seeing some sunshine. Thanks for reminding us to take our Betty in the Wild pictures in Hawaii - I may have to pack a ziploc bag or two and try some underwater shots.
Love and lardy cakes,
The Founding Bettys

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  1. My unappreciative family has finally stopped looking mortified (and confused) when I stop somewhere and snap a picture with my Neels. A glass half empty fellow might say I have pummeled them into submission but a glass half full lass might say that they're secretly beginning to enjoy it...

    Love the pics, Betty Maria!