Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Upcoming Reviews

Monday, December 6th. The Edge of Winter. A real Araminta, a Pott's fracture, RDD has a devious aunt.

Thursday, December 9th. The Fifth Day of Christmas. Snowed in! Perhaps the narrowest age gap in Neeldom, another polio case!


  1. Oh goody!
    Betty Barbara will be in reader heaven next week--two of my faves!
    Edge of Winter has The.Best.Line.in Neelsdom.Ever!! That line is worth the cost of the book many times over!!

  2. Which line?! I want to be on the lookout for it.

  3. Betty Keira--
    How could you forget?! BTW, Didn't Betty JoDee mock-up a shirt with that design for Bettysday??

    Betty Barbara

  4. I plead an uncommonly bad night's sleep. The Little Mijnheer told me that I scooted into his personal space last night and said,'I don't feel safe over there.' (I vaguely remember thinking that something was going to fall on me.) When he pushed me back into my spot I was disgruntled and thought that if I got squished to death it would be all his fault...