Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Upcoming Reviews

Monday, November 29th. Winter Wedding. Heroine is mistaken for a single mother! Seconal Twins! Worst Sister/Aunt Ever!

Thursday, December 2nd. A Winter Love Story. "I'd rather buy a book than a hat", Marriage of Convenience, they buy a cottage together!


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Ah--the Seconal Twins and an Araminta. It's going to be a good week here at TUJD.

    And if I remember correctly, Winter Wedding is Betty Keira's favorite.

  2. Yes, Winter Wedding is Betty Keira's fav...and since it's her birthday next week, she chose it to review.

    It's just serendipitous that it happens to go so well with our theme for December.

  3. Betty Barbara again--
    Point of info for other Bettys--A Winter Love Story was also published as The Bachelor's Wedding.

  4. Betty Barbara here, hanging her head in shame--
    All fellow Bettys--please disregard my previous post on this subject, as Betty Barbara has been seriously mislead by the mighty Amazon.com.
    Twenty lashes with a wet noodle for me....
    Fiction Data Base supplied the correct plot synopsis--no Araminta, but a Claudia.
    Repeat--Bachelor's Wedding is NOT A Winter Love Story. My bad.
    Betty Barbara, slinking away in disgrace......

  5. Okay, it's not exactly "jumbo shrimp" but does anyone else see the linguistic confusion inherent in "The Bachelor's Wedding"? It's either redundant -- he has to be a bachelor (in the generic sense that he's not married, not in the specific sense that he's never been married, cf. widower) or it's not a wedding, it's a fraud (i.e., bigamy). But if "wedding" means, literally, act of getting married, then a bachelor can't be wedded, and the term is an oxymoron.

    Okay, clearly I am procrastinating doing all my Thanksgiving chores.

    Betty Magdalen, slinking away in shame....

  6. We are twin sisters from a different mother, Magdalen! That title has nagged at me since I first saw it years ago. :)

    Oxymoron indeed!