Friday, November 5, 2010

Cloakroom Amenities

In countless bachelor households on Planet Betty, there is a cloakroom, located under the hall staircase which is chock-a-block with feminine beauty aids. The one in The Girl with Green Eyes is described as thus: The cloakroom, though small, contained everything needed for the maintainance of cleanliness and beauty.

The van der Stevejinck household does not boast a 'cloakroom'...we have three bathrooms - one very modest master bathroom and two family bathrooms - one of which is also the laundry. The laundry is actually the largest and nicest bathroom - but it is used nearly exclusively by teenage boys. So is the upstairs hall bath...I have no girly stuff on hand in either one. I do have a container of stuff like hairspray and mousse down in my garage - for use when I have company. I'm thinking that I should maybe upgrade my container. Instead of an old plastic ice-cream bucket I could use a woven basket (I'm sure I have something suitable somewhere).

My question...what would you put in it? Besides hairspray and mousse.


  1. Lotion, razors, chap stick (only if I get a good deal on them). Those are some of the nice things to have, but generally forget. In light of recent conversations, perhaps some "digestive" pills?

  2. For poorer or better, we have few visitors. Just returning kids. So no fancy soaps or necessary items in the bathrooms that we don't already use.
    At BettyAriel's wedding, however I put a Basket of things in the restroom. I put pain relievers, safety pins, needle and thread (black, white, and bride's color thread), cough drops, sanitary items, deodorant, breath mints, tissues, eye glass repair kits, and a tweezers. The safety pins all disappeared while we were at the church. Not sure what that was all about. BettyMary....still wondering...

  3. I live now in the "weekend house" that Brit Hub 1.0 and I bought when we were living in Philadelphia. It had been a bed & breakfast in its previous life, so there were an over-abundance of bathrooms. I stocked the guest bathrooms with all manner of things, and I'm pretty sure no one has ever used a drop of hand lotion, a slick of fancy soap, or a dusting of talcum powder.

    Frankly, extra toilet paper is the one absolute essential -- everything else guests can ask for.

  4. Dental floss. If you get a bit of lettuce stuck in your teeth, it's ever so helpful. Tampax. Oh yes, always toilet paper.