Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Girl to Love--Discussion Thread

Oliver buys the thatched roof cottage (which makes me think of this--and I really apologize to those who aren't into ironic heavy metal) for the asking price. Asking price?! Not in this economy...

Sadie hardly ever buys things in tins because they're too expensive. Really? Maybe this is Bettys age showing here because I can't imagine the cost differential between opening a can of Campbell's chicken soup versus gathering the ingredients and making it from scratch. Now, I prefer the taste of the fresh to the tinned but don't kid myself that the cost is massively better. If you make a large enough batch, however, then I think you're in business...

Oliver's script is about love - he had to convince his producer that it shouldn't be in terms of bedroom scenes!!!! Methinks this echoes a conversation La Neels had with her publishers.
Mills and Boone: 'Ms. Neels...'
The Venerable Betty: 'That's Mrs. Neels to you.'
M&B: 'Our readers want more sex.'
TVB: "My readers don't. This subject is closed.'

Sadie has never actually been on a date, although she has gone to the Young Farmer's dance. She reminds me a little of my father. He went on dates with three women in his life. Our mom, a blind date his freshman year of college and when mom had passed on our step-mom. Like Sadie, maye he knew his own mind.

On RDD Dweeb-Watch we're continuing to monitor our hero's automobile choices because of a particularly nasty case of Vehicular Dweeb-itude several books back. In this one, our hero drives an Aston Martin Volante (see right). You may now exhale--our hero passes handily. That is one sweet ride.


  1. Betty Barbara here--

    What? What?? Are you still holding the Panther de Villes against several of our Betty's heroes??
    Now Fraam drives a Panther XL, a mere quibble, Fulk does drives a Panther de Ville and I am sure there was at least one other Taste Impaired Rich Doctor with one.

    The Aston Martin Volante is indeed very spiffy, and well suited to someone in the entertainment business.

    spam word--(I think we have a winner here): hotatio--which I do believe would make a good term for 'hotness ratio'--don't you?

  2. I am laughing so hard there are tears. Burniniation! LOL! My kids will love this.

  3. I would think that if you grew your own ingredients and could go buy many of your other needs from neighbors who keep hens or dairy animals, cooking fresh IS cheaper than "tins" ... have you priced a can of soup lately? Campbell's at LEAST $1.29 around here and that's just for the "Cream of Mushroom" and "Tomato Soup". Anything more unusual could run to $2 or more a can.

    If I still had a garden and grew tomatoes, and if, as I would like to, keep chickens and buy wheat berries to grind my own flour, you can bet I could cook cheaper from scratch than from bought. (We could get into things like preservatives and food dyes, too, but that's another discussion altogether.)

    I think Oliver will mellow out some and let go of the booze when he's got fewer "holes" to fill. I think he started mellowing out a lot once Miss Murch was gone and he was part of his daughters' lives in a meaningful way. Add Sadie and any putative pledges and I think we'd see a whole new Oliver.