Friday, December 17, 2010

Cinema Betty

The Mistletoe Kiss. Okay, I'm stretching here:
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)
Annaliese, still clinging to Hubold,
her hair in disarray, knew the jig was up...

Annaliese is the Grinch and she's going to attempt to steal Christmas (Ruerd) away from little Cindy-Lou Who (Emmy). Happily, after a spot of snogging with a fink (the dog?) she paves the way for all the Who's to have Christmas.

I'm going to have to stretch a bit after those unlikely gymnastics...

A Christmas Wish lasted practically the whole year long and I think that Betty Debbie wished it were shorter. But maybe The Great Betty was going for a feel reminiscent of:
Holiday Inn (1942)
Here, Betty Keira blights any chance of being nominated to the Supreme Court...

Bing Crosby sings and Fred Astaire dances and they both try to stab the other in the back. But never fear, the guys get their girls (whew.). Bing is supposed to compose songs for each national holiday (beware Lincoln's Birthday!) and if there had been a holiday called 'sport day' then he would have sung about that too.


  1. Oops on the blackface.
    The Grinch actually works for me except for the appropriation of Max the dog as the fink.

  2. Well, the fink wasn't terribly fink-ish--he was merely Annaliese's partner in crime so, if you forget I called him a fink...

  3. Betty Barbara here--
    I love both of your movie choices, even though the blackface number in Holiday Inn makes me cringe every time. And the original, animated Grinch is the ONLY Grinch in town.
    But I'm with Betty JoDee, poor Max is only the Grinch's helper because he's being forced to do it--his penalty for having fallen in with the Grinch to start with. Too bad the movie doesn't have a character closer to Hubold(I think that's his name--I just called him Humbug!)