Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Upcoming Reviews

Monday, January 3rd. Polly. Polly has a natural bent for dead languages. Manuscript typing. Kissing and proposal in the middle of Crewe Station.

Thursday, January 6th. Roses Have Thorns. After getting sacked because of a favor she does for Radolf, Sarah disappears. Radolf searches high and low before he accidentally finds her working as a housemaid for his god-mother.


  1. Oh Fun! Roses have Thorns is my favoritest of all the Betty's. I've been waiting for a chance to reread it. Thanks Sistas!

  2. I always wipe my brow in relief when I'm not reviewing someone's fave. (What if I don't like it?!) Though, I chatted with Betty Debbie this morning and she is loving that one.

  3. Betty Barbara here--
    I got several, probably unintended, giggles out of Polly. So I'll be interested in seeing how it went over with y'all.
    Now must go dig out Roses have Thorns.