Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Very Betty Christmas Contest Entry, III

Betty Mary has sent us another another great entry!!

I shamefully borrowed videos from the rattelbox ecard site and matched them to text from some of Betty's Christmas Scenes. I left some lines out here and there, but didn't changed or paraphrase, or tried not to. ;-)
Practice your speed reading before you begin. Some of the 'pages' switch quickly. Hope you enjoy them. BettyMary

The Fifth Day of Christmas
Roses for Christmas
Caroline's Waterloo
Damsel in Green
A Christmas Proposal
The Edge of Winter


  1. Am kind of loving the one for Damsel in Green. But then I love that book...

  2. That's a favorite one of mine as well -- the scenes of his family are all so nice.

    I do hope you're going to give us a family tree, because I have never entirely understood the two brothers marrying sisters explanation...

  3. Betty Mary--
    Thank you for a lovely entry. That was so much fun. How very clever---And you know, I think I've seen most of those movies!
    Betty Barbara

  4. Betty Barbara. Thanks for the kind comments.
    Are you joking? Cuz if not I'd love to know the names of the "Damsel in Green" or 'Caroline's Waterloo' movies. Many of the movies on rattelbox are 'etiquette' or 'grooming' movies, ones that don't have copyrights anymore. But those look like real Hollywood movies.