Friday, December 31, 2010

Year's Happy Ending...

One year ago today, we posted our first review on The Uncrushable Jersey Dress. Year's Happy Ending seemed an appropriate title to start off with, since it was New Year's Eve. Right now, I'm sort of wishing we'd saved it for the end of this year. Oh well. In honor of the completion of an entire year of reviews (Betty Keira and I have each cranked out about 50!!!!) here's a look at what we've done, and what we have left to do... I took all the books that we've already reviewed off my shelves - clearing the way for the final countdown. By my calculations, we should finish up on or around April 22nd.


  1. Happy New Year's to all Bettys far and wide. I am sending you some virtual Oliebollen!

  2. It's not at all part of my concept of a Happy New Year to think there are fewer than 5 months left of TUJD.

    Just telling it like it is...

  3. Betty Barbara here--
    Oh Noes!!! I don't want it to end!!!!!
    (Must discover cache of previously unknown Neels manuscripts.......)

    Happy New Year to the Founding Bettys, their families and friends.

    Betty Kylene--virtual Olie Bollen--the best kind! No calories!! Thank You! (Hmmm, I wonder what Dunkin' Donuts' equivalent is???)

  4. Hi, I live in Geelong, Australia, and I love reading Betty Neels! I started reading Betty just over a year ago and I have been collecting her books ever since-I have about 9 to go...
    I can't believe I just found your blog, there's hardly any Betty stuff around, so thankyou for the laughs-it's great to find more Betty fans. It's like being on the same wave-length, you know?

    Anthea :).

  5. Welcome, Betty Anthea! The Founding Bettys (Betty Debbie & Betty Keira) are the nicest people possible. Everyone here is very friendly (but watch out for Betty JoDee, who can get a bit highfaluting from time to time).

    And, you can comment on any of the reviews of your favorite Betty Neels books. Even after the Founding Bettys stop posting reviews, I suspect we'll still have a nice community chatting about books as we read / re-read them.

    Betty Magdalen

  6. What a lovely way to start the New Year, with a new Betty! I've only been here a few months, and have laughed myself to tears several times, and looked at many books in the canon with new eyes.

  7. Oh, and I too, am despairing at the thought of no more books! I'm sure none of us would mind a slight lessening of the pace, lol.
    New Year's Day is our anniversary, today celebrates 35 years. We will take a hug ham over to our daughter's and feast with friends.

  8. Betty Anthea! Yay! Every time we get a new Betty my Mijnheer van Voorhees gets at least as excited as I do. (He's just looked up your hometown. 'I want to go to Australia,' he says.) What Betty Magdalen says is true, we intend Bettys to still have conversations in the comments sections of our posts (disagreeing with them most agreeably, if warranted)...Also, may we vote you Betty Most-Likely To Be Named For A Heroine of the Canon? (Seriously, it is killing me that my mother wasn't more far-seeing.) It doesn't come with a tiara and roses but we promise to think of you fondly... ;0)

    And for Bettys celebrating 35 (!) years of marriage today, Happy Wishes!

  9. Betty Barbara here--
    Betty Anthea, welcome and G'Day! We were lucky enough to live in Melbourne for 3 years, way back in the early 1980's. We loved it!
    We lived in Sandringham, so we often waved across the bay to those of you in Geelong.
    Pay no attention to Betty Magdalen--Betty JoDee is a perfectly charming woman. No airs about her!
    And I can echo everyone else--we have a great time here--so don't be shy!

  10. Thanks, Betty Barbara! sticking tongue out at Betty Magdalen That's what I get for being out of commission for a few days--sniping behind my back.

    I'm wearing black (rather than my usual useful dove grey) over the thought of no more reviews coming.

    Maybe we could collectively start a fanfiction addition with an Anthea heroine....

  11. Hi Betty JoDee (hah! made ya look) - that's a great idea, a communal fanfiction, written in successive comments!

  12. It's finally dawned on me--April 22nd?!? I'm in a total panic! Fellow Bettys, what can we do? Slow down reviews? One a week? (I can't keep up or get ahold of the books in a timely fashion anyway.) Something, anything?

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