Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Question of the Week

How's about we Foxtrot over to the oliebollen and ring in the New Year, Olivia?

New Year's Eve is just around the corner and, as we all know, The Venerable Neels held a very soft spot in her heart for a traditional oliebollen Oud en Nieuw with the hero either bestowing a telling kiss upon some Araminta's mouth at the stroke of midnight or avoiding her altogether in a similarly telling fashion.

So, what do you do? Party? Sleep? Curl up on the sofa and ring in a Rockin' New Year with the near-perfectly preserved plasticized remains of Dick Clark?


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    We are true fuddy-duddies here at Huis van der Tarheelin. We open the champagne around 8 pm, on the theory that is is already the New Year somewhere!! And we usually manage to have the final sip at midnight, if we are still up!!
    Oh yes, poor Dick Clark--he has not looked good since his stroke several years ago.
    If we stay up til midnight our time (East Coast US), then it usually because we've got a good movie or three to watch.
    And one of our neighbors observes the fine tradition of setting off firecrackers to mark the occasion. (Though not with the exuberance that we experienced in Hawaii.)

  2. Here at Casa van der Stevejinck, we have a family tradition of having a 'finger food buffet'. It doesn't matter what the food is, as long as you can dig in with your fingers. Sushi rolls, pineapple spears, cheese and crackers, chips and dips, cookies, Little Smokies wrapped in bacon, chicken wings, etc...
    We don't do fireworks - but some of our neighbors do. We also don't make a point of being up until midnight...unless we've got a good movie or board game going on.

  3. We traditionally go to a hockey game on New Year's eve, Tri Cities against Spokane. Then, off to bed! We're night owls, but not that late!!

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with New Years. As a kid I remember watching the ball drop and getting sips of champagne, wishing myself older so that someday I'd be at a Party on New Years Eve and getting that long awaited kiss or have a magical night like Debbie Reynolds in Bundle of Joy.
    It never worked out that way. I dressed up one year to go out and was dropped at a basement party by my brother and future SIL. They went out to rock the Year and I was doomed to avoid a group of less than appealing single males. The first boyfriend stopped calling in November, and I was upset only because I no longer had a date for New Years. A long distance courtship prevented any New Years Kisses when I finally met Prof. Vue de Plane

    So that little girl is now a middle age plus mom who hangs out at home offering sparkling cider to the youngest girl with stars in her eyes.

  5. We stay up to watch the ball drop, then we drop. As I've been telling people: it's official - we're boring.

  6. I stay up - but I do every night, or at least I fall asleep earlier and usually am awake again around midnight. My minjheer would never, ever stay up short of a party, which we haven't done in years. If our married kids were here, we'd party with them - games and food and probably a toast with one of their favorite wines. No one particularly cares for champagne but me, and I shouldn't drink any alcohol with my meds.

    New Year's Day my sister hosts a family dinner for the required (in PA Dutch households) sauerkraut and pork dinner. Hubby doesn't "do" that either, considering the kraut to be "rotten cabbage."