Sunday, December 26, 2010

Delft Blue With Envy...

Having a best friend with uncompromising perfection and a handy way with just about every craft known to man (seriously, she's like the heroines who think longingly of setting up shop on a high street full of hand-smocked items and demi-millinery) is just about the best thing ever. Add that to her tolerance of my Neels obsession and what do you get? You get Delft blue with envy. I know you do:
And I have to say it looks about 1000 times more awesome in real life. Thanks, Betty Kylene! You're the best! When I die they'll have to rip this from my cold, dead hands...


  1. It really is spectacular, Betty Keira! Well done, Betty Kylene!

    But it does conjure up a question I've had for 40 years. Why aren't there more windmills in Betty's stories? Did she object to the cliché that Holland is wooden shoes & windmills?

    Considering how many "we'll take a drive around the countryside" trips there are, nary a windmill in the lot. I think I've spotted one, tops, in the entire Canon.

    Am I wrong about that?

  2. Betty Keira - In the unlikely event that you pre-decease me, I think I can make a pretty case for inheriting said awesomeness.

    Betty Magdalen - you are right about the dearth of windmills in Neeldom. I did get a kick out of the cover of one of 'the best of' had 3 windmills on the cover, one on the spine and 3 on the back. They had nothing to do with the story (Visiting Consultant).

  3. Wait a minute on Betty bequests--aren't I the one who promoted the beastly Dutch oaths in the first place? insert link to fantastic contribution here Oh crud, I should have paid better attention in Betty Magdalen's fancy commenting class....

  4. Betty JoDee-
    Evidence is HERE.
    You can thank Show-off Betty Barbara, who is proving she was alert during Betty Magdalen's fine tutorial.

  5. You know, I've been thinking for a while that if the novelist thing doesn't work out for me (I still have four years left to beat The Great Betty's debut at age 59...), I would have a boutique law practice writing and executing wills for people with SABLE: Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy.

    Note that SABLE can include crafts (I've got SABLE in knitting yarn, quilting fabric, cross stitch supplies, even smocking dots!), books and the like.

    This is stuff you don't necessarily want your dear husband(s) to inherit -- notwithstanding the bumper sticker that reads, When My Wife Dies I'm Opening A Fabric Store -- so you need a special codacil naming the appropriate people to receive your SABLEs.

    So, when the time comes, I can help Betty Kylene with the bequest. I'm thinking a life estate with springing executory interest...

    Betty Barbara gets an A in the hypertext class; Betty JoDee can take it again... here.

  6. Oh Noes, groaning in Betty Magdalen's direction not again....