Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You May Already Be a Winner!!!

If you know what's good for you, Miss Puerto Rico, you'll trip on your sash.
That pine cone is coming back to Kiev with me...

I love contests--they're so much fun and here at The Uncrushable Jersey Dress there are fewer things more sublime than Betty Neels tropes set to holiday music. But, alas, Betty Debbie has worked her fingers to tiny nubbins making but FOUR Christmas pine cones. (I tried getting her to make more but the bread crust and water diet I put her on was leading to delirium...Sweat shop labor is not what it used to be.) So on to our winners (in no particular order):

Betty Kylene for discovering the lost/apocryphal Betty Neels title Mistletoe and Measles. Press-ganging her husband and three children? Brilliant. For a pine cone? Madness. This is a line we like to reward crossing...

Betty JoDee for her send up of Jingle Bells. Though I'm not sure we haven't been manipulated with pictures of Hugh Jackman. I'll have to go back to the entry and investigate...

Bettys Margaret and Barbara for successfully working in True Love Home Tours into the 12 Days of Christmas. Betty Debbie suggests they arm-wrestle for the prize or work out custody and visitation--maybe alternate Christmases...?

Betty Magdalen for The Miracle of Bettysday. This Christmas Eve, Betty Keira knows just what she shall read aloud for her family. Gather round, children, and I’ll tell you the story of the Founding Bettys, and the miracle of BettysDay...

Also, wonderful shout-outs and metaphorical (sadly, metaphorical) consolation tiaras to all our other entrants, Betty Laura, Betty Janet and Betty Mary. Though not tiaras, if you care to send us your address, Betty Debbie might whip something (modest) up to send to the nearly-winners because she's such a sucker mean, she's just an angel. Betty Debbie makes no hard and fast promises as she 'has a life outside of TUJD which beckons as we speak' (I do not know what she's even talking about. This Betty has no life outside of TUJD...)

Merry Christmas, dear Bettys!


  1. Thank you so much for accepting my abject pandering -- uh, I mean for letting me win Pinecone #4 just like I'd predicted. (Am I good or what?) And to all my fellow nominees, it was an honor just to be nominated with you!

  2. Congratulations to the worthy winners. And that's all of them, of course!
    No pity prize required. As the issue of a 12 year old English emigre, I've learned the stiff upper lip trick. I'm fine. REALLY.

  3. It IS my philosophy that one can't go wrong with Hugh Jackman--but I'd sure like to try (*twirl my Groucho moustache during rimshot).

    I loved the absent-minded parents of Betty's Laura's masterpiece (daughter? what daughter?--of course, I grew up never eating breakfast so it happens).

    Betty Mary's videos were hilarious (plus I discovered a new website).

    Betty Janet's clever limerick inspires me to suggest the Founding Bettys sponsor a Betty limerick contest for St. Patrick's Day (or, did Betty never mention Ireland?--Is it like South America, where first wives go to die?)

    To my fellow pandering winners--an extra slice of Madeira cake for all!

  4. Betty Barbara here--
    On behalf of Betty Margaret and myself, we wish to thank the Founding Bettys for judging our entry Worthy of a Chapter Pinecone. It shall be treasured.
    And to the rest of the entrants--you all rock!

  5. Betty Barbara here--

    So, where's the limerick? I do not see it posted,
    or was it too rude to publish?

    But I do like the idea of a contest for St Patrick's Day.
    Hmmmm-- There was a Dutch Doctor from Delft...
    I'll have to work on that......

  6. Betty Janet snuck it in as a comment under Betty Magdelan's Miracle of Betty's Day story.

    Yes, Betty Janet. Coffee or strong tea, I'd say.
    I drank a pot the night I was up til 3am doing the not so silent films, and still to no avail.
    BettyMary chuckles chuckles and chuckles. 8-D