Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary

It's been one year since we catapulted ourselves headlong into the Land of Betty. Honestly, we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into. Our very first post (here) seems like such a slender little toe-hold--like we didn't really mean it and we weren't really sure what we were going to do. (All true, by the way.)

Betty Debbie (despite my lusty shoving of her under any handy bus) has done the yeoman's work of organizing and slave driving. She's the heart and soul of The Uncrushable Jersey Dress--assigning books out and adjusting post times and answering emails. Without her, my affection for Betty would probably have prompted me to post three paragraphs every fortnight or so before I succumbed to my inherent slackerishness. She's kept us moving at a nice clip and makes us find time for Betty, sandwiched in between keeping house for all our kids and Mijnheers and other similarly pressing details of life. So three cheers for Betty Debbie! (Huzzah!, etc.)

And then there are you guys--no, The Venerable Betty would never have referred to her compatriots and friends as 'guys'--so, I'll amend it to you 'darlings'. You darlings have kept us going and, in many cases, have steered the course of The Uncrushable Jersey Dress. Your comments and feuds are such a delightful dividend. We would have plowed through this unheralded and unsung, doggedly doing our duty to the blog, but how fun not to have to. (I'm still very John Mellencamp about all of you: 'Still hayseed enough to say look who's in the big town...'. We have readers! Squee!)

For a fabulous year we thank you, dear Bettys. Happy Anniversary!


  1. Betty Barbara here--
    Champagne is definitely called for! And scones! and Lashings of Whipped Cream!!

    Thank you, Founding Bettys, for all your hard work. This Betty has had so much fun.

  2. I have had many hours of enjoyment from this blog and the bloggers' amazing insight into the world of Betty's characters. It has been a wonderful bonus to find kindred Betty spirits out there as well. Happy Anniversary!
    Betty Laura

  3. Of all the dubious accomplishments I take inordinate pride in, being the first non-Hanna Betty is at the top of the list.

    Christmas cake for everyone!

  4. Hats off to Betty Keira's inspiration and talent - without which TUJD wouldn't be any fun. It was Betty Keira who introduced me to Betty Neels...handing me a few books and telling me not to make any snap judgements until I had gotten through a few.

    Hats off to our husbands...who are remarkably similar in temperament. They have been very supportive and surprisingly proud of our little blog. Dr. van der Stevejinck is never embarrassed to take Betty in the Wild pictures wherever we go (greater love hath no man....)

    Finally, hats off to our friends and readers. Betty Keira was spot on when she said we would have done this with or without you...but I shudder to think of how flat we would have gotten (as in "not effervescent"...not salt-cellar-y-ish flat)without the give and take from you. Thank you, Betty Magdalen, for getting that ball rolling.

  5. You are both more than welcome.

    And if we're nominating husbands as RDD-worthy, might I offer up my two: Betty Ross, who's actually a follower of TUJD!, and Betty Henry (my ex-husband, in case anyone is worried I'd refused to relinquish him), who was a good sport on Bettys Day (perhaps because it involved a proper British tea...). They've definitely risen to the occasion more than once.

    Happy happy joy joy!

    (Uh, not to close the party down prematurely, but what are the next two books to be reviewed? I haven't gotten A Christmas Romance yet and have actually been reduced to reading a Non-Neels book. Not a pretty sight.)

  6. What a terrific idea this blog has been! Betty Neels readers are indeed a group apart and having a place to come to extol and lament her virtues and excesses has been a true joy. Thank you, thank you for allowing me to join in the fun.


  7. Kudos to both Bettys. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and find you both to be so creative, bright and funny. Thank you for all your efforts. They are greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful holiday!

  8. A whole year that I nearly missed! I can't remember what I googled to get to you, but I'm thankful I found you. You've kept me sane and provided me an easy place to stay online. There are other places I enjoy, but your blog is just like Betty's books. Comfort food on a miserable day, but not beans on toast!