Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Question of the Week

Mess with the hair and there's a certain Sarlacc-ian pit I can introduce you to...

He drew up before the hotel and turned to look at her. She looked lovely in the semi-shadows, and he bent to kiss her. She put up a protesting hand, 'Oh darling, not now. You always disarrange my hair.' He got out, opened her door, went with her into the foyer, bade her goodnight with his beautiful manners and drove himself back home, reminding himself that Annaliese was the ideal wife for him. Her coolness was something he would overcome in time...
Ah those scarlet-wearing tartlets with the plunging necklines. What can I say? They're on the emotionally and physically stunted side, no?
Sure, our heroines have never let a long-haired path-lab assistant named Tony escort them to Brighton. They haven't snogged in any lay-bys adjacent to Brighton with junior housemen. They've never even perused the Brighton Wikipaedia page, for that matter. But I think we all know that Betty wouldn't let a heroine turn her cheek to a husband and talk about make-up smudging. No, The Venerable Neels makes it clear: There will be bounty and un-monk-ish-ness in a happy RDD home.

My question: Is it a weird juxtaposition to make the blonde tartlets so strikingly (sometimes sexily (well, if they had bosoms enough to fill out their slashed sheaths they might be)) dressed and so emotionally indifferent to s.e.x.?


  1. It's all a bit circular, isn't it? The refusal to be intimate (not in the big s.e.x. sense, just in the "please kiss me again, beloved" sense), the insistence that a multi-million pound pied-à-terre in Chelsea is "too small" and needs to be replaced by a multi-million-pound flat in Knightsbridge (what, no garden? shocking!), and the certainty that when she's properly got her hooks into him, she can have the Jolly Bunters fired -- they all add up to one thing: COLD FISH.

    Which is why I always find it implausible when Juffrouw Kold-Fisch is spotted snogging some even drier-than-dust type. Much more believable is when she ends up with the even-richer-than-God type from South America or, yes, the USofA.

  2. I agree. We've had two books lately where Juffrouw Kold-Fisch is caught snogging a long-haired intellectual. In The Fifth Day of Christmas, Marcia throws over the Hot Dutch Doctor (who's not only HOT, but also YOUNG) for a wispy weasely smarty pants - who's not even rich. Although gratifying on one level, it's also baffling.

  3. You must realize in Betty Neelsdom, the Fish is
    i not in love!!!!
    with our RDD. And he was originally, usually. Or he is just your usual blind duck! Guys don't look for
    i character
    while dating/courting! Which is why BN is so delightful! She makes sure that he realizes his mistake and really
    i sees
    true character behind the womanly Heroine. And voila! Happily ever after is guaranteed.