Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shhh. He's sleeping.

Dr. van der Stevejinck is home from Japan...sleeping off the effects of jet lag/time travel. I'm happy to report that he brought back our camera, and I can do a little 'show and tell'.Here's the family photo that I promised...for those of you who are counting (yes, you) there are a lot of people...but we're missing three siblings who were away at college. Four of the smaller children (including the two on my lap, are grandchildren).
Betty Magdalen sent both Betty Keira and I a ginormous tin of cookies...or should I say biscuits? I've tried little nibbles of two or three Very good. Very very good. Thank you, Betty Magdalen and Betty Henry. I'm very grateful...especially since I've got 3 college kids of my own who will be home tonight.


  1. Well, as this blog has been a large & wonderful part of my life this year -- and that's even with my taking a few months off over the summer! -- it seemed a no-brainer to send you each a tin of cookies. (I didn't send you any of the cookies with espresso in them!)

    Merry Christmas to everyone in Betty Debbie's, Betty Keira's and all the other Bettys' households!

  2. I think I loved those folded-over buttery, heart-shaped numbers the best. Thanks ever so, Betty Magdalen!

  3. That is a big and beautiful family! Merry Christmas to all.